About Tino

Tino Laranjeira
Tino’s interest in cars started from a young age, where he first learnt about his trade, spraying and fixing cars in neighbors’ backyards. His first job was at Park Central Panelbeaters in Johannesburg, where he also completed his qualifications.
Panelbeating became second nature to him and he soon excelled with the help of his exceptional artistic abilities. After gaining invaluable experience in the trade, Tino decided to start his own business,  the result being the very successful, “Major 2” born in 1990. Along with his brother Fernando, who still  runs it today after many years, the company became highly sought-after. The workshop  earned 9 prime agent approvals, which is a reflection of these two brothers’ dedication and supreme workmanship.
It is here where Tino’s passion for Classic Cars originated. He slowly  built up a secure client base and started restoring these popular vehicles on a more regular basis.
With the wonderful support  from loyal clients and his own passion for classics, Tino is currently practising his favorite hobby full time, operating from Sedgefield in the Western Cape. Whilst restoring cars by appointment for customers all over the country,  due to his reputation,  he has also restored a few classics abroad.
Tino firmly believes in a “hands on” approach and does most of the work himself, with a few valuable assistants to help him reach maximum results. On some classics he restores the bodies only, although the majority are complete restorations. He makes all panels by hand, still practices lead wiping and is well-known for his impressive spray-painting abilities, just to name a few aspects of his impressive restoration abilities, but the end product is always an immaculate classic- better than new. And its all done with love and passion for these ol’ beauties.
If anyone is interested to restore their classic near to perfection – Tino is the man for the job!
In his own words: “My work is done to the best of my ability, in order to get the classic car restored to its original capacity and some times in an even better condition than before!”
For any questions or queries please call Tino on 078 254 3643/ 044 343 1804, or email him at: ccrsedgefield@gmail.com.